Experiences, not Things.

I heard somewhere that people who spend their money on experiences rather than ‘things’ are happier overall with their purchasing habits. I love that idea. While this likely isn’t the case for everyone, it sure holds true for me.

During my gap year between undergrad and postgrad, I’ve been trying to save three quarters of my paycheck for the upcoming tuition. It’s a constant battle between wanting to buy a ticket to my latest travel obsession and wanting to stave off the inevitable doom of college debt. I just have to keep reminding myself that an education on a subject I’m deeply passionate about is not only the ultimate experience to purchase for myself, but also is a necessary step to countless other incredible experiences that will follow.

I was really thinking about this during my drive home today in my new car (read: thousands of dollars spent on a thing). Trusty old Virginia had given on out me in a spectacularly inconveniently timed ball of smoke on April 1st (my dad thought it was a April fool’s joke when I called him hysterically from the side of the road and hung up on me). I’ve been incredibly reluctant to actually purchase a car and have been meandering around any solid decision for a month. I finally bit the bullet and purchased one today after a rushed 24 hour Craigslist ordeal. (I think I need an aptly latina name for this one since it’s Cinco de Mayo, the most authentic of Mexican celebrations as we all know.) It’s frustrating to spend so much money on something that I only use to get to and from work. Think of all the experiences I could have had with that. As such, I am now determined to make the most of this thing and turn it into an essential part of all my adventurous experiences.

Road trip, anyone?

Regardless, this may be the most delightful first world problem to have…should I buy that great thing I’ve been wanting? Or an incredible experience I can enjoy? I’m lucky to live the life that I do.

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the traveling biologista

Hoping for a brighter world through biology, ecology & a sustainable future...one idea and design at a time. Cynically sincere, realistically optimistic & overly fueled by coffee.

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