I am no great literary virtuoso. I leave that for my theatrically inclined best friend. That being said, I came up with a word the other day and was down right chuffed with myself.

You know that gorgeous effect of standing beneath a tree and watching the sunshine stream through leaves? That magical soft green glow that fills the understory of a forest? That potently verdant aura? Well I decided that spectacular phenomenon needed its own term (if there’s already one, don’t burst my bubble and let me keep mine). Hence…


Chlorophyll filtered light.

Even my attempts at literary prowess are inextricably liked with my love of biology. And I’m not going to pretend for a second that that doesn’t make me happy.

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the traveling biologista

Hoping for a brighter world through biology, ecology & a sustainable idea and design at a time. Cynically sincere, realistically optimistic & overly fueled by coffee.

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