The question that keeps me up at night.

While trying to master the nuances of species identification, I was struck by this odd thought. Why are humans characterized by no individual looking like any other individual (obviously excluding identical twins), while every other species on earth is classified by a very specific set of physical characteristics? Why has this arose? Some species are differentiated by the tiniest of differences, such as two types of Southern Ocean albatross differing on by a black line under the eye. Yet humans are exactly the opposite.

I can’t even imagine what the social ramifications would be if we could no longer tout ‘we’re all human’ as a unifying factor.

If anyone has any books or papers they can direct me to, it would be much appreciated.

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the traveling biologista

Hoping for a brighter world through biology, ecology & a sustainable idea and design at a time. Cynically sincere, realistically optimistic & overly fueled by coffee.

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